Celebrating a Birthday on a Sailboat in Tenerife


Make your celebration unforgettable for friends and family by hosting it on a comfortable vessel. A birthday only comes once a year, and the honoree wants to spend it in a fun, bright, and original way. You can replace the traditional restaurant celebration with a sailboat rental in Tenerife. By celebrating a birthday on a boat, you can organize an exciting ocean journey combined with a well-planned buffet and entertainment program. If desired, you can stop at a beach to organize a picnic. The route of the journey across the water can be any of your choice. You will undoubtedly enjoy your time on board, surrounded by your closest friends and family, delightful sunny weather, delicious dishes, interesting contests, and entertainment.

Preparing for a Birthday on a Boat: Important Aspects

The event script on the boat can vary and be tailored to your individual preferences. To develop a well-rounded entertainment program on the boat, you can use the services of professionals. When organizing a birthday on a sailboat, it’s essential to pay attention to the following crucial aspects:

  • While developing the script on the vessel, pay special attention to the musical accompaniment. It can be prepared in various ways. You can invite musicians, a DJ, or use the boat’s modern, high-quality equipment. Music should be chosen carefully, ensuring guests don’t get bored or feel a lack of good songs.
  • Choose the necessary contests and entertainment, taking into account the individual preferences of guests and the birthday person. You can organize swimming, water toy rides, and much more.
  • Prepare the buffet. You need to know the number of guests. Sailboats in Tenerife have galleys where professional chefs can prepare both original and traditional dishes.
  • Select the route. During the birthday celebration, you can take a walk along the coast of Tenerife or visit nearby islands.

For a sailboat trip to celebrate a birthday, you can choose from various types of vessels. The “White Star” sailboat is an excellent option. This high-class vessel features exquisite finishes, comfortable furniture, and a spacious cockpit. Renting it will cost 215 euros per hour. It is stylish, modern, and sure to impress every guest. The Freebird One is an impressive sailing catamaran with two decks, featuring cabins, a banquet hall, and a summer terrace. The rental cost is 1170 euros per hour. For a birthday celebration, you can rent the “Kosamui” sailboat, capable of accommodating up to 10 people on board. It is equipped with an open deck transport, a luxurious saloon, and an open area at the bow of the yacht. Rent Boat Tenerife offers its services at favorable terms.