Best steak Recipes for summer


What is your reaction the first time you hear the word “steak”? Doesn’t your mouth get all watery? Well, if you are one of those crazy steak fans, you need to ensure that you proceed with it quietly. Steak is usually cooked in an open fire to ensure that it retains the taste. Although a lot of people do not prefer beef, steak is something they cannot miss out on. 

Grilled steak is something that will surely take you by surprise. Whether you have it all seasoned or marinated, steak can do you wonders. Well, if you are a steak fan, we have got some of the best recipes lined up for you so that you can enjoy your favorite dish thoroughly. 

The Perfect Grilled Steak

A perfectly grilled steak is something all of us like. If you are looking forward to an easy-grill steak recipe, then look no further but this. All you need is a thick slab of steak and allow it to sit it properly. Whether you are marinating it or seasoning it, you need to ensure that you do it properly. Instead of going on the hotter side, you should focus more on the cooler side so that you can finish it properly. Also, before you start serving the meat, you need to ensure that you have allowed it to settle. It takes 40 minutes to be perfectly cooked. 

Carne Asada

Carne Asada has always been known as the best steak because there are so many flavors added to it that one might get confused with it. But, when it comes to talking about the superiority of the steak recipes, it’s probable that no dish comes in comparison to this. The carne asada can be thoroughly prepared with a mix of orange juice, lime juice, olive oil, cilantro, cumin seeds, and a number of other spices. While you may feel that this is too much to handle, but if you balance the flavors right, you know you have a masterpiece for summer. 

Grilled steak with cream and yogurt

The perfect steak cut has always been a challenge for many. Sometimes it may happen that the cut is too thick, while sometimes it may happen that the cut is too thin. But, if you pair your steak rightly, you will get the best crossover. Grilled steak served with cream, and yogurt can be the perfect choice to make. You might as well include tomato and cucumber salad for a better idea. The different steak recipes at Rib’N Reef Steakhouse are delicious and something you should try.