Best RV Tires – What to Look For


When you are looking to buy anything about which you may not have full information, the internet reviews are of great help. So it is better if you can look at the many best rv deep cycle battery reviews and best rv tires reviews before buying them.

RV tires are not like the regular car tires. They are the ones that are supposed to hold a lot of weight and with stability. They are indeed the foundation of good recreational vehicles or motor homes and you have to take factors mentioned below into consideration before buying them.

The first one relates to the ability of the rv tires. Considering that the motor home would weigh a lot, the tires have to be super strong to be able to withstand this weight. You will be driving the motor home across different terrain as well and therefore the rv tires would have to be rugged and at the same time stable enough.

The rv tires also have a particular design for the purpose they are meant to serve. Though they come in different sizes, you have to be able to buy the right one compatible to your motor home so that they last the distance. It can be pretty bothersome to look for a change of tires midway into your journey and that can spoil your vacation.

There are Class A motor home tires that are really super strong and can support up to or even more than 25000 pounds of weight. They are typically used for motor homes that are more than 35 feet long.

The Class B rv tires can support more than 7000 pounds and ideal for vehicles that are 20 feet in length and the Class C rv tires can support 12000 pounds of vehicles or motor homes that are between 20-30 feet in length.

The RV industry has come out with ratings and stipulations that the tires must meet. You must look for their oval seal of approval before buying. It would mean compliance with more than 500 various safety specifications related to safety, heating, fire, plumbing and so on.

It would be useful for you to also look at the motor home manual for any specific recommendations with regard to the rv tires and rv batteries. As mentioned above, browse the internet for best rv tires reviews and best rv deep cycle battery reviews before making your purchase.