Beach Date: 6 Reasons Why Bring Your Date To A Beach Bar In Singapore


If you are looking for a romantic place where you bring your lover for a date, perhaps, the top choice is the movies. But in the age of the pandemic, theatres may not be a good idea besides the fact that you can’t have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner busy watching the movie. Some people would bring their partners to a Sentosa brunch. Not that bad since Sentosa offers a variety of excellent brunch places. But do you want to know where the best place for a date is? The beach!

If you are tired of cafes and bistros in the metro, why not try beach restaurants in Singapore? Beach restaurants and the beach itself have many things to offer for a romantic date!

6 Reasons To Bring Your Date To A Beach Bar In Singapore

Beach is definitely a romantic place. Not only because of the tooth-rotting fluff movie 50 First Dates, but because the beach has the sunset, the waves, and the sand that provides the perfect serene setting for two people getting to know each other or an old couple reliving their old days.

You will never go wrong bringing your date to abeach dining in Singaporefor these reasons:

1. It is peaceful and serene

If you want you and your date to get to know each other, you must bring them to a quiet place where you can talk with each other without distraction. The movie house is not the ideal place for talking, and amusement parks are two steps ahead for a getting-to-know stage.

The beach is the top place to relax and have a conversation. It lacks the buzz of the city nor the chaos of public parks. Abeach bar in Singapore is not as busy as bars and pubs in the metro.

In contrast, the waves, gulls hovering, and the wind give a soothing sound. These sounds are more relaxing rather than annoying or distracting. The beach setting is certainly perfect for dates.

2. The food is awesome

Meat is the star in the city, but if you want to enjoy seafood, like fish, shellfish, and squids, the beach is the best place to be!

Many beach restaurants in Singaporeserve the best seafood dishes that you can enjoy. You have tons of seafood restaurant options by the beach than in the city. The best part? The seafood is fresh! It is very unsurprising since they are near the sea.

Moreover, you can also bring your partner to a beach bar in Singaporewhere they can enjoy finger food like fish and chips (no pun intended), classic pizza, and burgers. Of course, it is not a bar without alcohol, such as sex on the beach; again, no pun intended.

3. Cost-effective

The best thing about the beach is you don’t have to spend much money on activities. In the city, everything has a cost. Watching movies, playing in the arcade, renting bicycles; everything has a price! The beach will not cost you that much.

As long as you have your beachwear, you can swim in the water for free! Build a sand castle and even bring your own food for picnics if you don’t have money for beach dining in Singapore.

You can do fun activities on the beach. You catch frisbees, play beach volleyball, or bury each other in the sand. Remember, dates should not be expensive. It is the moments you spend with each other that count.

4. Picturesque view


In the age of Instagram and TikTok, a picturesque view is a must for dates. Fortunately, the beach is overflowing in that department. The palm trees and cabanas will give you a tropical vibe. The blue ocean waves are also perfect for Instagram stories. Most importantly, the sun sinking into the horizon is the most cliche and probably iconic picture you post on social media.

Also, don’t forget about the food porn! Social media loves food pictures! The exquisite presentation of yourSentosa brunch meal is something to brag about to your friends and followers.

Most importantly, you can get the best pictures of you and your partner together in a place with a scenic view. After all, these pictures will evoke good memories of the date in the future.

5. Have fun activities

Let us face it. Movie dates are cliche. Amusement parks are cliche. Park dates are cliche. If you want to try something new and adventurous, the beach can give you that!

Besides swimming, the beach offers fun water activities. You can go snorkelling, surfing, waterskiing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and windsurfing. These are the activities you only get to try once or twice a year. It is perfect not for people dating but also for couples having their honeymoons or celebrating their wedding anniversary.

However, the only drawback is these activities can be expensive. Moreover, not all beaches offer these water activities. So after searching for the best beach restaurants in Singapore, find the most exciting water activities you and your date can try!

6. Lots of escape route

But dates don’t always go the good route. Some may feel uncomfortable around their dates. The good thing about the beach is it provides tons of escape routes if the date goes bitter.

Being an open space, saying goodbye to your date and leaving will not be as scandalous as it is in an enclosed restaurant or a movie theatre. Some people do literally escape, especially if they don’t have the gut to break the heart of their dates.

You can say you will find a restroom or order a drink at a beach bar in Singapore, then evacuate the beach. Although this tip is not ideal, it is always encouraged to tell your date that you are uncomfortable and you are leaving.


Dates are a way to get to know your partner or rediscover your lover. You get to spend time with each other, do exciting activities with each other, and feed each other good food! If you are tired of your old date places, beach restaurants in Singaporewait for you.

Sentosa brunch places will offer you good seafood, and the beach will supply you with tons of activities and countless picturesque views.


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