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5 Things Not To Do When You Buy Your First Skateboard


What about buying the first skateboard? Congratulations to you! It’s something you’re basically never going to forget. A flat, less-used sidewalk or bike wash, or a vacant street or parking lot are all perfect ways to learn how to ride your skateboard. If there are big cracks on the sidewalk all over, we would suggest finding a smoother spot. It’s best to learn the fundamentals of getting around and working before going to the skate park. There’s a wide variety of challenges you can encounter when picking the first board. That’s why we’ve put together a few ideas about what you can’t do when you buy your first board.

Don’t buy an expensive skateboard the very first time:

Yeah, the local sports warehouse sells a nice glossy plastic-looking number with a ‘smart’ graphic and wheels already attached, but BEWARE! Going cheap is most definitely not going to be cheerful. More definitely, it’s going to be unrideable. If you want to check out go on internet and you will find the best longboards to get your longboard wheels for sliding soon and you will find any at a very cost effective price.

Buy a graphic design that you don’t want to scratch up soon

Often you really, really like a skateboard deck only because of its graphics. That’s all right, they’re like works of art! But if you just like the graphic to remain scratch-free, leave it on your mantle piece. Your board is going to be broken, or you’re not doing the right thing.

Get Some Old Size Board

You wanted to visit the park to practice skateboarding. And the board’s the correct board?

You may be tempted by the retro-looking deck, maybe you’ve got an old longboard from years ago, maybe you’ve been waiting to try out your best longboards and get those longboard sliding wheels. But wait, maybe they’re not right for progress. If you want to learn how to skate in a mini, pump around a pipe, perform some flatland tricks, your best bet is to go conventional. As a kid, 7. 75′′-8′′ is likely to do justice to your foot.

Forget about Grip Your Board

You just purchased a new deck and you’re staring at the wood grain top cover. Yeah, it’s so bright and beautiful. Time to get your longboard wheels for sliding on and off? Wait a minute, there’s something wrong here. Don’t hesitate to get your board (it could totally happen). If you buy a deck, you’ll get free grip tape more frequently than not. Score the score!

Gripping your own board is relaxing (although you should usually ask the skate shop staff to do this. . . ).

End Up Agreeing Not To Buy the First Board

You can decide not to invest in a board, only borrow one here and there. But it defeats the point of skating, restricting its usability! The fact that you can just take your board and roll it out! Plus, once you’ve got your own board, you’re sure to skate more, so no excuses.

Get your hands on the best skateboards and get your longboard wheels for sliding.