Why you should rent a Yacht for a Week


Shorter rentals charge a premium

A common misconception is that it is more economical to charter a yacht for less than a week. In fact, all charters that are less than a week add an extra charge to their prices. If you work on a specific budget and your time is flexible, you can find full-week rentals in your price range.

The week is an ideal time to explore new goals

Spending a whole week on a charter vacation gives you the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of a cruise ship while exploring your destination. You can see the sights, experience the culture, sample the local cuisine and really explore all that each stop on the route has to offer.

Unlike the resorts, which are installed in one place, charter cruises can move to satisfy your desires – a gourmet beach picnic on a desert island, fine dining at one of the world’s best restaurants, club hopping until the sun rises in the sun, or scuba diving. to a certain shipwreck. Your rental can take you from complete morning silence to a lively and exciting nightlife to end your day. Get ready for your next level experience with yachtrentalmiami.com.

You can literally do it all on a week’s rent. Mediterranean Destinations takes you to museums, galleries, and archaeological sites. Caribbean Adventure lets you shop at local craftsmen one day and gorgeous designer boutiques the next. For a family rental, you can take a trip to one of the best aquariums or water parks in the world.

Can I charter a cruise for less than a week?

Yes! While 7 nights on a cruise is the ideal time for a charter vacation, many ships accept shorter charter flights and are likely to pay extra for all charter flights under a week. In certain travel destinations such as the Caribbean, yachts offer a charter flight of at least 3 nights, whereas Mediterranean charter flights prefer one-week charter flights. Keep in mind that with a shorter charter, you have to choose your activities and outings, and will most likely have to sacrifice something that you or someone in your group would really like to do.