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What are the Classes of ADO Buses in Mexico?


You’ll want to stick to three classes of ADO buses to make certain that you are taking a trip comfortably, the second courses buses aren’t as excellent, every one of these sorts of buses has AC. Look for these signs when reserving:

  • ADO: this is the normal 1st class service. It has extremely comfy seats that have quite a bit of recline, one shower room, as well as a movie playing on the overhead displays.

  • ADO GL: this is the next level up or deluxe solution. The seats offer a lot more recline, there are different bathrooms in the back in addition to a coffee device, as well as movies play expenses, but you’ll need earphones to pay attention.

  • ADO Platino: These are the highest level of buses. Great, if you have any overnight trip, you’ll remain in the best comfort in these buses. The seats totally recline, and you’ll have your own home entertainment system too.

The most affordable level is AU, we have actually never traveled on these buses as well as truthfully do not mean to as we’ve heard they aren’t especially comfy, so we can’t talk from experience.

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It’s constantly crucial to hop on the appropriate bus! Normally the bus driver double-checks your ticket with a master checklist as you board the bus. Nonetheless, when, we boarded only to find a person already in our seat, she really did not talk a word of English, so after a few minutes of total confusion, we found she was in reality on the wrong bus, so clearly the driver had not been inspecting that carefully.

The front of the bus will always state the final destination; however, that’s not always useful. There are generally staff members around to ask if you aren’t certain which bus is yours or if it’s arrived yet. It’s definitely more complex in the larger terminals. We have actually been those annoying people who continuously ask the team if this is our bus as well as we have never jumped on the wrong one or missed a bus!