Photography Books Without Photographs


Today, the day of the book, we couldn’t talk about anything else, that’s why I offer you photography books without photographs. Because photography is not just techniques and accessories, SLR or EVIL cameras, it is not even just portraits or landscapes.

The Lucid Camera Of Roland Barthes

The lucid camera is a fascinating book to delve into that photography that is not seen, to analyze and understand what is the meaning of photography beyond the techniques to produce them, and how important it is to overlap our photos with some editing at

In this work, you will find an exhaustive analysis of photography, where the role of the spectator, the creator, the person portrayed and the image itself is analyzed.

About Susan Sontag’s Photography

This essay is a must-read for anyone who enters the world of photography and wants to go beyond the simple photographic technique.

In On Photography, now a literary classic in photography, Susan Sontag asks what the role of photography in the world is and how does the omnipresence of these images affect our way of conceiving it.

John Berger’s Ways Of Seeing

John Berger has been a painter, writer, and is considered one of the most influential thinkers of the past decades. Modes of seeing has, in turn, become an indispensable work for anyone (or that) who is interested in art theory and especially in audiovisual communication.

Slightly Out Of Focus By Robert Capa

It is the history of Europe at war seen through the eyes of a photographer and reporter, who experiences first-hand the most important events of the Second World War.

Eduardo Momeñe’s Photographic Vision

Another best book on photography without photographs. Another gem that will make you travel to the heart of photography.

If you want, above all, to find that photographer that you can become, if you want to get to the place of excellent photographers, that place beyond the pretty postcards, this can be a great gift that you give yourself.