6 Tips to Book the Cheapest International Flight Ticket


Booking the cheapest flight tickets is often a tiresome task. We’ve all been there repeatedly searching for the cheapest ticket only to see the prices fluctuating again. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With these seven simple hacks, you can find the cheapest international flight tickets easily.

With hundreds of airlines operating thousands of flights internationally, there are tens of thousands of seats on offer, and the majority of individuals are on the lookout for the best and cheapest possible international flights. But not everyone is lucky enough to find them. However, you can find the lady luck on your side for your next trip with these simple and useful seven tips.

6 Tips to Save Money on International Flights

  1. Be flexible with Dates: If you’re flexible with your departure or arrival dates, then you can save quite a lot on international flight tickets. Play around with the portal’s search engine and check the prices for different dates. Always make sure to search for flight tickets in an incognito mode to stop the portal from tracing the cookies to you and increasing the prices.
  2. Book Stoppage Flights: Don’t mind a bit of discomfort? Flights with multiple stops usually cost lower than those offering non-stop connectivity. You may have to go through the trouble of layovers at the airport before connecting to the other flight, but it’s worth the trouble. However, do take a look at the visa policy in the nation(s) you’re stopping.
  3. Fly to the Nearby Airport- Just like the flexibility with dates, you can even be flexible with airports if it means saving thousands of rupees. Look for the nearby airports and the connectivity routes to see if you can fly there instead of the main airport. However, you might have to shell a little extra for the last mile connectivity.
  4. Consider booking the tickets on Midweek- This hack has saved people thousands of rupees, and it’s still working. The airline industry generally releases sales and promotional deals on midweek as these are the lesser popular days compared to the busy weekends.
  5. Buy Economy Tickets – If you are ready to give up a few privileges for saving money, then going economy may be the right thing to do. However, do note that a full-service airline’s economy class will be quite different from that of a low-cost airline. Low-cost airlines are infamous for offering small legroom, more uncushioned seats and reduced in-flight amenities.
  6. Redeem your Miles: If you’re not yet part of any mile or travel loyalty program, it might be time to join one. These programs allow you to earn miles every time you book flights which can later be redeemed against buying air tickets, getting cabin upgrades and more. Moreover, you can earn handsome miles on international routes, especially longer ones. A Delhi to New York or a Delhi to London flight can earn you quite a few miles. Make a couple of these trips, and you can easily earn yourself a free flight.

Word of Caution: Consider the Add-on Costs

If you’re looking to fly with budget airlines to save money, then you should also consider the add-on costs before comparing the price with the full-service airlines. The budget airlines offer in-flight meals and other amenities at extra cost. Moreover, they may also come with lower baggage limits. These costs are normally not taken into consideration by a traveller when booking flight tickets. Add all the hidden and add-on costs of airlines to compare the prices between two tickets.

Even though flight tickets tend to be unpredictable, you can find ways to save money on international flights. All you need to do is take care of a few things and easily find great deals on flight tickets.