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Top 5 Tips to Get Rid of Your Fear While Freediving 2021


Holding breath in water can be a challenging task, especially for divers. People can hardly hold it for even 30 seconds. However, a recent sport has encouraged people to hold their breath underwater and increase their limits of holding breath underwater. The sport is named freediving, and it has been known to encourage people to mark their participation and take it as a challenge to dive deep and stay for more than a minuteTara Lapointe is one of the freedivers that is commonly known among divers. She is even a member of the Halifax freediving club, whose strength has recently increased to more than twenty members. Her description of the sport of freediving is something that increases the excitement relating to freediving among people. So more than just a sport, it is more taken as a challenge to stay under the water for the longest time.

How to become a freediver?

To become a certified freediver, it is advised to take a course that will teach how to resist the urge to breathe. The course can be passed if you can hold your breath for 1.5 minutes. Check out the courses here! Competing with people is a big element of the sport. The origin of this sport can be traced back to the years when people dived deep into the sea in search of pearls and other corals. It is a practice in Japan where the female divers teach the upcoming generations to carry the art forward. However, the sport has taken a huge turn in popularity, and it has become an organized sport led by high technology. It challenges people who are interested in taking up challenges at extreme sports.

Pushing the limits

The introduction broke the myth of the ancient tradition in the form of freediving. It was a common belief that breath could not be held more than a minute. Scientists believed that staying in the water for such durations might collapse their lungs and cause problems to their ribcage. However, freediving helped to break the barrier and proved them wrong. However, the sport is dangerous in the form that people carry out. Some of them have lost their lives in the sport, and some have faced serious issues in their health. Mot freedivers are not engaged in taking up the hardest challenges that might affect their health. They love to enjoy the cool blue waters and freely dive into the calm waters. So if you want to enjoy the warmth of the beaches and take part in such sports, you can get accommodation here