Visiting Broome in the Wet Season – the Kimberley’s best kept secret.


Broome is a popular holiday destination, and it is typically categorised into two seasons – the dry season (peak season), and the wet season (off season). With stunning beaches, natural attractions and fantastic tropical weather, it’s no surprise that Broome’s tourism industry is booming. Every year, the population of Broome triples during the peak dry season, from May to October. But there are so many reasons to visit Broome during the quiet wet season – and we’re going to let you in on the secret.


Due to lower tourist demand, there are so many great deals and lower prices on flights, accommodation, hire cars and attractions during the wet season. It’s a great way to see Broome on a smaller budget, and a great way of saving some money while booking so that you have more to spend on your holiday. Or use the money you’ve saved to have an even longer holiday – a win/win!

When to go

Despite the period from November to April being called the ‘wet season’, the majority of rainfall and the famous monsoonal weather of Broome usually  occurs from January to March, though it differs a little each year. So you can still experience the benefits of cheaper flights and accommodation during the wet season, but avoid the majority of the downfalls and huge number of tourists in town. Look at November/December or March/early April, and you’ll enjoy the best parts of Broome for a cheaper price tag, get to compete with fewer tourists, and still get that wonderful tropical weather, with the occasional short shower.


The weather is generally warm and humid during the wet season, with average temperatures ranging from 25-33°C. November is typically the hottest month, with the highest humidity. If you avoid the wettest months (January to March), you will miss the majority of the rainfall which, for some, is a disappointment as this brings great lightning shows as well. Another bonus of visiting during the wet season is the authentic ‘tropical’ feel that accompanies the rain and warm weather. Other than during January to March (when there is monsoonal weather), the downpours during the early and late wet season are generally in the afternoons or evenings, and pass quickly – but the rain shouldn’t really stop you from doing everything you want to do. And if you do get rained on, it can be a refreshing, welcome reprieve!

You will experience some truly magnificent sunsets and lightning shows which tourists during the dry season miss out on. If you need further convincing – look up some photos of sunsets at Cable Beach during the wet season, and then imagine how much better the view will be in person!

Less tourists

With fewer tourists around during the wet season, you won’t have to compete as much with large crowds. Resorts and hotels will be quieter as well as cheaper, and tours and attractions will be less crowded – especially if you go during the school term. Enjoy scoring a sun lounge beside the resort pool without having to get up and claim it early in the morning!


Wildlife in Broome comes alive during the wet season. If you are planning on visiting Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park, the saltwater crocodiles are more active during the wet season. In addition, turtle nesting season is from October to February, so if you’re lucky you might just spy some turtles on Cable Beach. Turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean in the early mornings of the full moon, and it can be a truly spectacular experience to witness. Just make sure you give the turtles plenty of space, and be careful of torchlight as you may disturb them. There are turtle nesting tours on offer in Broome if this is an experience you want to have – another great experience you won’t have during the dry season.

The waters of Broome play host to humpback whales during the peak season as they migrate to the warm Kimberley waters to calve. The end of the whale season is generally late September, but it changes each year depending on the majestic whales themselves. If you’re looking at visiting at the end of the dry season/beginning of the wet season, it’s worth checking if the whale season is over yet, as some of the most rewarding experiences on offer in Broome are whale watching charters. If you miss the whales, dolphin watching cruises run year-round (weather permitting), and are just as special and fascinating.

If fishing is high on your priority list, the Barramundi fishing season is at its peak during the wet season, when they are much easier to find and catch. Broome Fishing charters run year-round even during the wet season, so you’ll be able to get an insider’s knowledge for the best fishing spots.

Broome is truly spectacular during the wet season

Broome is especially beautiful after some rainfall, and the wet season offers a totally different and exciting experience for holidayers looking for a budget-friendly, stress-free holiday destination. The tropical climate, active wildlife, magnificent lightning shows and affordability are just a few of the reasons to visit Broome during the wet season. Check out the great deals for cheap tickets, pack an umbrella, and get ready to see this popular Kimberley town with fewer crowds and, as always, stunning sights to be seen.