Understanding Your Options When You Constantly Catch Your Spouse Lying About Money


Lying about money can ruin a marriage. Financial infidelity demonstrates a disregard for the trust and communication that are key to a healthy relationship. If a spouse makes financial moves without the other spouse knowing about it, this behavior can lead to divorce. If you are considering a divorce because of differences between you and your spouse that cannot be reconciled, you should contact a sandy divorce lawyer to get started with the process and know your options.

Signs Your Spouse is Lying About Money

If your spouse is lying to other people about income or expenditure or refusing to discuss money with you this could mean they have a spending issue. Your spouse may feel guilty or embarrassed about their spending habits and try to lie about it to cover it up. However, if they tend to be defensive or angry when you ask simple questions about your shared finances, this might be a sign that they are hiding something. Is your spouse getting plenty of new clothes they did not tell you about? If so, this could be a red flag that they are racking up credit card debt or spending money without your knowledge. Sometimes, couples spend money out of spite. However, financial infidelity is not always on purpose. Also, some people just don’t want to talk about money. It is important to communicate with your spouse to solve the issue.

What to Do If you Catch Your Spouse Lying About Money

If you discover your spouse has committed financial infidelity, don’t file for divorce yet. Address the problem by communicating with them first. But, plan your approach to avoid fights about finances. As you initiate a conversation, begin with easy topics such as long-term goals and work your way towards tougher ones such as credit histories, debts, and assets. Understand where your spouse is coming from and offer support when they tell you the reason behind some money habits. Although learning about your spouse’s awful credit or debt is not easy, you should offer support to maintain a healthy relationship.

Opting for a Peaceful Option if You Decide to Divorce

If you think your spouse’s financial infidelity is yet another reason to give your marriage and decide to file for divorce, consider a collaborative option. Divorce litigation can be scary and emotionally draining, especially for your children. This is something your family does not have to go through in a collaborative divorce. This type of divorce is more efficient, less expensive, and less harmful for everyone involved than a traditional or litigated divorce.