Travelling To Port Douglas


Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia, is a fairly unique place. Sure, it’s a seaside town with nice resorts and sunny beaches you can see while driving to the place, but it’s also where two World Heritage sites meet; the Daintree National Park and the Great Barrier Reef. 

If you’re wondering what that looks like, picture the Great Barrier Reef and a beautiful, picturesque rainforest, the oldest in the world, on the same horizon.

Beyond that, there are plenty of reasons to visit Port Douglas so if you’re interested, read on.

Getting there

The city of Cairns is a key city in Queensland, with regular flights to all of the Australian capital cities as well as other destinations across the world. 

This is relevant because Port Douglas is pretty close to Cairns; only an hour’s drive away, less than half of that if by plane. There are plenty of Cairns private charter services and other ways of getting from Cairns to Port Douglas, which makes it easy. 

You can also opt to rent cars and experience a nice, sunny coastal drive while taking in the sight of some of the best coastal roads in Australia. 

On the way to Port Douglas from Cairns are several good destinations. Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures lets you see jumping crocodiles, while Ellis Beach offers good food to enjoy with a seaside vantage point.

Great Barrier Reef

Really, it’s hard to talk about tourist hotspots in the AU without the Great Barrier Reef being mentioned, and for good reason.

If you’re trying to see the Reef from Port Douglas, then you’ll have fewer boats to deal with, which can be good for those looking for something a bit quieter. There are tropical islands, day tours, sailing trips, and diving trips, among others; if you want to enjoy the aquatic fauna and the Reef, then you have plenty of options.

The Rainforest

There’s a lot of nature surrounding the port, both towards the sea and inland. For those that want to go inland, there’s the Mossman Gorge, where people can go for a swim and/or walk while enjoying the rainforest.

If you’re looking to enjoy some food surrounded by nature’s ambiance, then the Wildlife Habitat offers breakfast amidst flora and fauna, which you can easily follow up by feeding some ‘roos or holding some koalas.


Only an hour from the Daintree River, the Daintree National Park isn’t far from Port Douglas. There’s even a Daintree Ferry that lets people cross the river, which runs from 6 AM to midnight daily.

Conveniently, the vast majority of tours to the Daintree and nearby Cape Tribulation offer pickup from your hotel of choice, which means you don’t have to worry about having to get there yourself.


Port Douglas is known for its good food too; after all, it’s a boutique town. 

There are many options for those looking to suit their appetites in Port Douglas, from more traditional dining experiences for those just looking to relax, to more hands-on places, for those that are interested in learning a thing or two about cooking.

There’s even a place that offers a fairy tale dining experience, one that’s popular among tourists and locals alike, but we won’t spoil that one. Like with a lot of things in Port Douglas, it’s best experienced for yourself.