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    The Latvian language is mainly spoken in Latvia. It is also called Lettish, an east Baltic language. Latvian has been their official since 1918. Because of its relevance to Baltic nations, its connections can be found in Lithuania, present in its neighborhood.

    Latvia is a developed nation and has connections in the world. For interactions between Latvian and nations of the world, there was a need for translators for this rich language.

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    The ethnic people of Latvia use Latvian for communication among them. It is the official language. Around 58% of the native people are Latvian speakers. They also speak the Russian language in the country.

    Apart from these two languages, English is also being taught and used in offices, schools, restaurant menus, etc. English has its roots in West Germany. It was spoken in early medieval England and is being adopted by the world’s strongest countries today.

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