Tips For The Perfect Barbecue


    The aroma of barbecue is irresistible. Today we propose a meat barbecue: sirloin, steak, entrecote, or churrasco … different cuts for different tastes. Also, for different budgets: the needle, shoulder, entrails, vacuum allow tasty preparations and, of course, delicious burgers

    Do you want to succeed with the organization of your barbecue this summer or on food tours? The month of August begins its class, the holiday season par excellence where meetings with family and friends in the open air will be frequent, and barbecued beef is a great option

    We could say that speaking of meat, the ribeye “is the king” of the barbecue and the hamburger, “the queen,” although there is a wide range for all tastes such as sirloin, ribeye, entrecote or churrasco. There are also cheaper alternatives, but equally delicious, and that will not leave anyone indifferent such as needle, vacuum, shoulder or the juicy entrails.

    Tips For A Reasonable Barbecue

    If you want your grill to be memorable, you should take the meat out of the fridge a few hours before using it so that it is tempered and tastier

    • Light the fire an hour before the meal

    Make sure that the embers are whitish because it will show you that the grill is scorching (yes, but without flames that can burn the meat

    • Coals will last longer and cause less smoke if you sprinkle coarse salt on the coals¬†

    The most significant pieces of meat must be arranged in the parts furthest from the embers so that they cook better and are not raw

    • Find “the point” of the meat that you like the most

    If you follow these simple tips and tricks, your BBQ will be “ten.”

    Beef in a balanced diet

    Did you know that it can provide 20% of the necessary iron in one day? The form in which it is found allows 20-30% of it to be absorbed

    The consumption of beef (100 gr) can cover 30-40% of the recommended daily needs. It also incorporates eight essential amino acids that adults require and the nine necessary for children (that is, they have to come from the diet because our body does not generate them).

    Its consumption in the recommended doses allows us to obtain two-thirds of the needs of vitamin B12, or cobalamin, and a significant part of those of vitamin B2 or riboflavin, Vitamin B3, or niacin and Vitamin B6, or pyridoxine

    Accompany the meat with vegetables to improve the absorption of all its nutrients and, for dessert, choose fruit