The Best Lakes in Switzerland – A Brief Trip Guide


Switzerland; the paradise on Earth, is a magnificent country, with stunning landscapes, mountain ranges, and some of the most beautiful and breathtaking lakes. If you are planning a trip to Switzerland, then you need to make a list of “must visit” places. Besides, the small foothill towns, hiking routes, mountain peaks there are some wonderful lakes, which need to be right at the top of your list. Talking of lakes in Switzerland, Lake Melchsee is one that needs to be mentioned. You can find a detailed account of Lake Melchsee on the website of Switzerland by Locals. There are many other beautiful Swiss lakes, which are worthy of your visit. In the following section, you will be offered a brief overview of some of the best lakes in Switzerland.

Idyllic Lake Melchsee in the morning hours (Image: Marc Gottwald/

Few Lakes in Switzerland you must visit

Switzerland is a country full of natural attractions. You will come across some of the most beautiful and breathtaking lakes, you have ever seen. Here is a brief account of some of them.

  • Oeschinensee: Located a few miles away from Kandersteg, this is an Alpine Lake that is isolated from the buzz and hustles of city life. This Lake is surrounded by multiple different trails through the mountains and is one of the best destinations for you if you are planning to spend an entire day on the lap of Mother Nature. It remains frozen for six months, and if you are planning to enjoy some hiking or lake sports, then this place should be your one-stop destination.

Hiking on lake Oeschinensee is a dream (Image: Marc Gottwald/

  • Seebergsee: This is a very small-sized lake compared to some of the other water bodies you’d find in Switzerland. Yet, its beautiful surroundings and tranquility of the place have been attracting visitors for many years. From here you can have a stunning panoramic view of the wonderful landscape surrounding the Alps. You can refer to Lake Seebergsee by Switzerland by Locals for more details about this lake.

A hidden gem in the Bernese prealps (Image: Marc Gottwald/

  • Lake Geneva: Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Europe. Located on the city of Geneva this is an iconic place and is one of the most popular summer destinations for tourists in Switzerland. Here you can enjoy different water sports like swimming, diving, sailing, and rowing.
  • Lake Lucerne: This is the 4th largest Lake in the country and it stretches throughout the magnificent Swiss Alps. If you want to enjoy the thrill of sailing across calm, blue water surrounded by mountains, then this Lake has the best of experiences waiting for you.

Apart from these, there are multiple different other mind-blowing lakes that you can find in Switzerland. If someone told you that you can spend half of your vacation in Switzerland hiking and roaming around these lakes, then it won’t be an overstatement. Switzerland indeed has some of the most stunning and attractive lakes in the world. Planning for a family picnic? Or a day out with your friends, away from the locality? Choose one of these lakes. Time will fly away without you even noticing it!