Some Information to enjoy your travel to Venice


Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world situated in the northeastern part of Italy and it is made up of 100+ compact islands connected by over 400 bridges. Venice is a fascinating city for tourists and millions of people all around the world visit it every year. The city is famed for its incredible world-class museums, classical architecture, ship canals, 141 churches, colorful historical towns, and squares. People love to visit this beautiful Italian city for honeymoon trips, spending holidays, and to explore the arts and culture of Venice. If you have made up your mind to travel to a new destination then you must visit Venice, but it is also crucial to know at what time you should go so that you can derive lots of pleasure from the trip. 

By the way, people from all over the world continue to visit Venice City, but during the summer season, the city is heavily crowded especially when there are events like Venice Carnival. For experiencing the tranquil and pleasant landscapes of Venice, it would be better to avoid visiting the city during Venice Carnival, the summer season, and weekends. This beautiful Italian city also faces the acqua alta whenever the water level is increased due to climate change or high tides in the northern Adriatic Sea. 

The things to do in the floating city Venice to get the most out of your visit are mentioned below:


Venice is a city of waterways, a network of 118 islands, all strung together by bridges and separated by canals. There are no cars and any vehicles found in the city to travel so the atmosphere is much better and healthy. To get around the city people can choose to walk, or ride in a gondola. There are stations to catch a gondola ride all over the city and in fact, sometimes gondoliers just hang out on random bridges and offer rides to paying passengers. Prices for the gondola rides are regulated and firmly set all over Venice. 80 Euros per day ride for up to six people so you can split the costs and 100 Euros for an evening ride. 

St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Square is the number one attraction in Venice and it features the beautiful St. Mark’s Basilica, the Clock towers, cafes, restaurants, and museums. St. Mark’s Square has always been the location of important Government buildings and other facilities. The centerpiece of Piazze is St. Mark’s Basilica commissioned in 1071 by Doge Domenica. This amazing church  is built in Venetian Byzantine style, a mixture of Western and Eastern styles. You can find lots of pigeons there but feeding them has been prohibited by the authorities. 

Venice Yacht Charter

Exploring the colorful lifestyles and the charms of Venice passing through Ca’Foscari, Palazzo Grassi, Guggenheim Museum, and the Accademia Bridge by sailing on the Venice yacht charter is the most amazing experience that you can never forget in life. Albarella Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Barricata Beach, Chiosco Beach, and Spiaggia di Boccasette are the beautiful beaches that must be watched using Venice yacht charter. 

Finally, when you are in Venice then never forget to see the attractions of the floating city like Basilica di San Marco and Palazzo Ducale, San Marco 801, La Bauta, The Murano, Burano, and Torcello Districts, Grand Canal, and Chiesa di Santa Fosca.