Guest Room Makeover Ideas


If you love having guests over, creating the perfect guest room is the first step to giving your visitors a memorable stay. During a guest room makeover, remember to keep it simple and comfortable with a little personal touch.

Add a Mirror

Remember, your guest will be living out of a suitcase with a limited change of clothes. Therefore, they will appreciate a full-length mirror where they can evaluate their outfit before starting the day. What’s more, a mirror will help make a small room feel and appear larger.

Add a Reading Nook

When your guest is not in the communal living room or the garden, they will need a cozy place to relax and read a book. For this reason, consider adding a window seat to your guest room. Throw in a few throw pillows to complement the room’s décor. You can even leave a soft blanket nearby so your guests do not get cold.

Get Creative with Furniture

In most cases, space is limited. However, that does not mean that the guest room should stay plain and boring. You can add a dresser – it does not have to be huge – in case your guests want to unpack their belongings.

Given that there is little room for new and bulky furniture, you can use a chair as a side table. Plus, instead of the usual bedside lamps, you can utilize wall scones to save on floor space.

Add a Minibar

A minibar gives your guests extra privacy. Besides, it will make them feel like they are in a hotel, especially if the guest room is in a different structure from the main house. As a result, your visitors are more relaxed and tend to enjoy themselves more. Do not forget to empty the minibar once they leave.

Keep It Simple

When redecorating your guest room, always remember that less is more. Ensure the room is clean, crisp, and inviting by getting rid of all unnecessary items. All your guest needs is a bed with fresh linen, a side table, and a reading lamp. Be sure to place fresh linen before the guests arrive.

Do Not Forget the Art

Art gives a room character and helps one feel at home. Even better, it does not take up valuable surface space. Therefore, take advantage and hang as many gallery pieces as you can.

However, be careful not to clutter the wall, again losing the whole idea of the art. You may also include an alarm clock or a radio in the room.

Provide Essentials

Maximize your guest’s comfort by providing items they will need during their stay. These include a robe, towels, and slippers. You can go the extra mile and provide a carafe of water, toothbrushes, and even tampons (if you are expecting lady guests).


A guest room makeover should be fun and the perfect chance to exploit your imagination and creativity. Do not be limited by the ideas discussed here. Go out of your way to ensure your guest feels at home.