Bus Terminals in Mexico City


Since Mexico City is huge, it is having three major bus stations. The bus station you utilize will rely on the part of Mexico your trip originated. When you book your bus tickets, you will have to select which terminal to leave from, so it’s necessary to understand each of their names.

Mexico City’s terminals are:

  • Central del Sur, or Terminal Taxqueña
  • Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros Oriente, or TAPO
  • Central del Autobuses Norte

There is a fourth terminal called Terminal de Autobuses de Poniente, it is informally described as Observatorio, yet it is unlikely that you, as a visitor, would require to use this terminal.

  • TAPO is the biggest and most central of Mexico City’s bus stations. It lies about 20 minutes from the popular Condesa area as well as 5-10 minutes from the Mexico City airport terminal. Technically, TAPO is meant for guests headed to the eastern, or Oriente, of Mexico. Still, there are some exemptions to that policy. I attempt ahead and go from TAPO whenever feasible since the location is so convenient; however, normally, it relies on your travel plans!

  • Central del Sur, which is also generally called Taxqueña, is located in the south of Mexico City. It has to do with half an hour from Mexico City’s center, depending upon the traffic. This terminal resembles TAPO but is smaller sized. It is just beside the Taxqueña city terminal, as well as additionally, acts as a terminal for local buses. If you’re headed south of Mexico City, think Puebla, Taxco, Cuernavaca, and so on, you’ll likely leave from Taxqueña.

  • Central del Norte, or Norte, is located in the north of Mexico City. This terminal supplies services to destinations such as San Luis Potosí or Guanajuato, or truly, anywhere to the northern part of Mexico City. A few buses leave from Norte bus station and head towards other directions; however, these buses are limited.