Benefits of a hostel for travellers



Whenever you’re planning to travel to another country, securing a place to stay for the night should always be one of your highest priorities, as it is vital to make sure that your holiday goes on smoothly. But already when deciding on your stay, you will be confronted with the question of what accommodation you choose to go for. No need to worry however! Especially for backpackers, a hostel is usually your best choice. You’re wondering why? We’ll list some benefits you get when staying at a hostel.


Hostels are often made out of smaller housing areas and are also mostly not an international chain, but rather a local thing. This in turn means that the host or the hostess is more likely to cater to your needs and there is a higher chance of more flexibility regarding services. Many hostels have staff that speak multiple foreign languages, which enables easier communication. Because of their smaller maximum number of guests, there is usually a more interpersonal and friendlier atmosphere in hostels compared to your average tourist hotel, which makes it more attractive to those wanting a more authentic and local experience in their travels.


Budget and service

One of the biggest selling points of essentially every single hostel is their affordability: a hostel will make you save a lot more money compared to a luxurious hotel or even Bed & Breakfasts, which in turn will let you have more money to invest in your actual explorations and travels. Furthermore, just because you will spend less money on a hostel doesn’t mean you have to renounce on certain services or offers: while hostels are in general more modest than the tourist hotspots, there are also plenty of advantages, as lots of hostels organise activities for the evenings themselves, such as parties, movie nights or even barbecues. There is also a variety of rooms to choose from, from single rooms to large dorms where you can share your room with other people (and perhaps save even more money!). And last but not least, Wi-Fi is almost always included in the price, as well as other neat advantages like room service, a fully equipped shared kitchen, laundry and drying rooms, communal areas and much more.
Last but not least; you may get some discounts depending on the length of your stay and may even offer discounts if you present your student ID or an enrolment statement from an educational facility, making it easier for people on a tight budget to enjoy their travels.



When directly comparing you hotels with hostels, the main trade-off you will get is more interpersonal friendliness for luxury. This applies not only with the hosts, but with other guests too: as hostels are usually relatively small, you will have more interactions with other people staying and thus will also have a chance to forge new bonds and make new friendships with other people from different cultures, broadening your view of the world and sharing stories to each other.

Another big plus of hostels is that usually they are welcoming of younger people and students; this means you will most likely find people of your own age-group which you can also vibe with and just enjoy a nice evening alongside.


Lastly, some quick tips

  • Don’t forget to inquire where you can leave your valuables: most hostels won’t allow anyone who hasn’t booked inside their housing, but just in case you might want to leave your valuables in a safe or in a locker when you’re out and about, exploring the attractions of your destination
  • Hostels are quite flexible in terms of booking: you can book one night and then extend your stay for longer if you enjoyed your time. Hostel hopping is possible too, if you aren’t enjoying your stay in your current hostel: most of the time booking on arrival is possible too!
  • If you’re longing for a new travel experience, booking a dorm room is usually a good idea: you can share anecdotes with fellow travellers and experience a new aspect of travelling.
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