Australia: Marriage And Fiancee Visa


A Prospective Marriage visa is a visa in Australia that allows the holder to marry an Australian citizen, a permanent Australian resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen valid for nine months. For people who wish to obtain the visa, they must be outside of Australia at the time of their application and when the visa is granted. It is a temporary visa with a validity of nine months. 

To apply for this visa, the applicant must be 18 years old or older to allow the holder to travel and enter Australia to get married. Applying for this visa would mean the responsibility of providing proof and adequate evidence that the relationship between the applicant and the finance is genuine. 

It may include social and financial aspects of the relationship between two parties, demonstrating the nature of commitment they have for each other. A successful application depends on the legitimacy and quality of evidence as such evidence is closely scrutinized by the Department of Home Affairs. 

Suppose the case officer is either unsatisfied or doubtful of the quality and quantity of the provided. In that case, the applicant may be subject to visa refusal, which involves denial of refund for the application fee.

Many other conditions are attached to a prospective marriage visa. Failure to meet such requirements may lead to a visa breach, resulting in non-compliance. An example would be that no marriage has taken place during the nine-month validity of the visa, and the partner visa is also not lodged within the time frame. 

Once the applicant arrived in Australia, he or she will be allowed to work, study, and travel without restriction, similar to the 428 visa Australia that enables the holder to live and work in the country for four to five years. 

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Australia:Marriage and Fiancee visa