Apps for taxi/cab services in Malta


If you are going to Malta for the first time, you need to know about the transport options in Malta. Malta does not have a metro system. The most common public transport method used by people is the bus service. Cabs and taxis are quite common in Malta, especially for transport from the airport to the city. The good part here is that the taxi fares in Malta are comparatively inexpensive than the other European countries.

Here are some apps that can be used for booking taxi services in Malta.


Ecabs works in a manner similar to Uber or Grab. Just type in your destination in the app, and you will see the rate. You can either register in the app via your email address or Facebook. However, they will have to verify your number via phone. Thus, make sure that you have a phome number of Malta for easy verification. Ecabs also has the option of scheduling the cab for later. Unfortunately, ecabs do not operate in Gozo. It is available in all the other cities of Malta.


Bolt was initially known as Taxify. Bolt is another cab app that you can use for traveling in Malta. Once you put in your pickup location and the destination where you are going, you will receive an estimated price. The actual fare may be different from the estimated price since it is based on distance and traffic conditions. Most often, customers have reported that they have to pay a higher amount and what is given in the estimated section in case of Bolt. Bolt does not have the option of pre-booking the ride. The good part is that Bolt is available in Gozo where Ecabs are not.

The driver reaches the pickup point in minutes. You can go around Malta in an air conditional cab while watching the sites and scenes go by. The rates are shown on the app when you book the ride itself. The app also shows where the cab is at all times.

Tappa Malta

Tappa Malta works in a similar manner as Bold and Ecabs. There are no hidden charges or surge prices in the case of the Tappa Malta app. Type in your pickup point of the taxi and the destination where you are traveling to. The app will show you the distance on the map and the charges that you will have to pay.

The other taxi apps available for traveling in Malta are:

  • IGO
  • Malta taxi
  • cbMalta Cabs app

and many others. You can also check out for taxi services.

With so many options available for booking cab services, it is fairly easy to go around Malta and explore the sites. If you are visiting Malta for the first time, you should download a few of these cab apps on your phone so that you can travel without worry. Just book the destination from your phone, and your ride will be with you in minutes.