African Safari: A Trip of a Lifetime


An African safari is far from an everyday experience.  On this amazing adventure, you will see and do things you have never seen before.  If you choose a luxury trip from Ker & Downey, you can do it all comfortably as well.  Here are some of the experiences you might have on a trip of a lifetime to Africa.

Big Five

If you are going on a safari, you want to see animals, of course.  The grouping of lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhino is sometimes referred to as the big five.  These are some of the largest land mammals that you will likely never see in the wild unless you go on an African safari.  Seeing just one of the big five is amazing, so witnessing all these animals in their natural habitat is truly unforgettable.  Game drives allow you to see entire herds of these animals up close and personal.  The chance to see the big five animals is a unique attraction of safari trips, and it will surely be something you never forget.

Other Wildlife and Birds

Besides the big five, other land mammals are also visible on a safari adventure.  A trip to Kenya or Tanzania could put you right in the middle of what is called the Great Migration. This is an event in which thousands of zebras, wildebeest, and antelope move across the country in search of better grazing.  Ker & Downey keeps track of the Great Migration and sets up its safari camps in the prime location to see the most wildlife at any time of year.

The big five aren’t the only animals who live on the African continent.  There are also thousands of species of birds that fill the skies.  Seasoned bird watchers and newbies alike will enjoy watching these beautiful creatures fly by, all from the viewpoint of private decks and treehouses.

Private Locations

When you plan a safari with Ker & Downey, you get access to some of the most private luxury hotels, lodges, and camps in all of Africa.  They know all the best spots to see the most animals while staying comfortable and well rested.  Going on a luxury safari allows you to have a trip that is truly both an adventure and a vacation.

Staying at lodges gives you access to delicious food, pools, spas, and other amenities while having direct access to a national park or wildlife preserve.  Even tented camps have luxury features like amazing food, lounge areas, and more.  There are dozens of locations across the continent you can stay on an African safari and feel like it is just you and the animals.


It is not just the animals of Africa that are wonderful to look at, but the landscapes as well.  Experience everything: deserts, bush, rivers, and waterfalls on a luxury safari.  You may also stay in exotic cities on your first and last days on the continent.  The scenery itself is enough to make this a trip of a lifetime.

Plan Your Trip With Ker & Downey

If you are ready for a trip you will never forget, contact Ker & Downey to start planning a custom safari.  The company specializes in ultra-private, luxury trips that are specified to each client’s specific needs.  Going on an African safari could be a once in a lifetime experience, so why not make it the absolute best it can be?  Go to Ker & Downey’s website and fill out the form on their contact page with your preferences to get started.  You can also call (800) 423-4236 to get more information.