Are you one of those who visit the place to place to examine the essence, flavor, and exotic mouthwatering taste of local food? Then you have surely heard of Cebu. Cebu is basically a point of trade and commerce.  Hence, it is natural for Cebu to have a mix in its culture as well as food. Access to cebu tour packages  will surely make you understand the similarities yet differences of Cebu culture.

The local people of Cebu always feel proud to serve their food to the foodies of over the world. With some unique taste, Cebu has made a permanent place in the heart of travelers. These are some of the top local foods to try when you choose one of the available Cebu Tour Packages.    

Hanging Rice: Also known as Puso rice is basically a certain kind of local rice boiled and packed in coconut leaves. You can find them hanging everywhere around Cebu. It is one of the most famous foods in Cebu.

Lechon de Cebu: The second position in our list is occupied by Lechon de Cebu. It happened to be the best pork dish in the Philippines. There are some special Lechon houses in Cebu that can serve whole roasted pork or slice of it.

Pochero: Pochero means “Stewpot” in Spanish. Sudden rain of Cebu and a bowl of Pochero, sitting at the corner table of a sea-facing restaurant is no less than heaven.  There are many heritage restaurants are there that have mastered the technique to make this beef soup bowl.

Siomai: Now coming back to street food one of the most delicious foods of Cebu is Siomai. There are two versions of this Siomai- a fired one and a steamed one.

Ngohiong:  A deep-fried roll stuffed with bamboo shoots and ground pork. But because it is local food, every place has there a unique recipe to make Ngohiong. Although the overall process is the same.

SuTuKil: A combination of grill, stew, and vinegar. “Su” stands for a grill, “Tu” stands for stew and “kil” stands for a dish cooked in vinegar. This particular dish become very popular among the tourist as it offered them to test a particular subject of food cooked in three different ways.

Mango Pizza: Now who does not like Pizza? Every state, as well as country, has its own sort of pizza. Surly Cebu has its own and that is mango-flavored pizza. The strong taste of mango certainly revealed the love of the Cebu people for mango and pizza together.

Barbecues: If you are a fan of barbecues, Cebu will definitely become your next destination point. Because Cebu has a variety of barbeques. Pork, chicken, beef, and fish. Freshly grilled and served blended with some unique sauces.

Puto Maya & Sikwate: when you have a love for rice it will be seen in your dishes. Cebu has this unconditional love for rice. A mixture of rice, ginger, and coconut will become your favorite breakfast recipe. The sweet taste of Puto Maya combined with Cebu mango will definitely give you the energy to explore.  

Halo-halo: Halo-halo is a mixed dessert of different ingredients like banana, milk, gelatin, bean, and many more. The dessert is a kind of cold dessert that is prepared differently yet has some outstanding flavors.